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Innovation and a passion for helping our customers succeed is written in our code. Whether you are new to trading or a seasoned professional, through our full suite of power trading technology, brokerage services, and educational resources, we are committed to empowering our customers to unlock their full trading and investment potential.

Everything we do is rooted in our belief in analysis – objective decision-making – over intuition. Our award-winning trading platforms, combined with years of streaming market data, deliver the tools traders need to design and create, analyze, test, optimize, monitor, automate and execute their own trading strategies. Our goal is for TradeStation to be the obvious choice for self-directed traders and active investors who understand they should be using objective, disciplined approaches before risking capital on their investment decisions.

Our platform and services are continuously evolving. Today we are a self-clearing broker for equities, options, and futures, as well as for cryptocurrencies. The versatility of our platform is demonstrated across desktop, web, mobile and, via TradeStation’s state-of-the-art application programming interface (API) technologies, third-party trading analysis applications which connect to TradeStation’s brokerage environment.


Self-Directed Traders And Active Investors

People who want to trade with discipline and confidence.

Serious traders and active investors, both large and small, committed to taking control over their investment decisions and opportunities and motivated by a desire to achieve their own financial edge, are the heart of who we serve. With a track record of innovation, we aim to offer straightforward and competitive pricing, best-in-class trading and analysis platforms and order execution, and the educational materials and high-touch service our customers deserve.

What futures contracts are eligible for reduced day-trade margin rates?


The reduced intraday margin rates are available for U.S Indices and select contracts in the following sectors: Currencies, Interest Rates, Metals and Energies. Reduced margin rates are also available on select Eurex products. Please reference the Futures Margin Rates page for more detailed information.


What happens to my deliverable futures position as it approaches expiration or first notice day?


Please consult the appropriate exchange website or call the Futures Trade Desk if you have questions about contracts that are subject to delivery. Positions in these contracts may be liquidated by TradeStation to avoid taking physical delivery and incurring the associated fees.


What do I do if I want to temporarily suspend trading using TradeStation?


If you wish to suspend your trading for a period of time, you may request to have your platform suspended, which requires an email from the email address we have on file, a fax, a letter or a phone call to our Client Services department. Suspension requests must be received prior to the first day of the month to avoid any recurring charges. For non-brokerage accounts, suspensions can be set for a total of three months in a 12-month period.


How do I connect TradeStation to my crypto exchange?


You don’t. Our technology works as an aggregator that connects to multiple trading venues on our backend so you don’t need to. This means you only need to have one account with TradeStation Crypto to take advantage of all our connected venues. Similar to stock trading, orders are entered into a single interface and our crypto order routing technology then seeks to send the orders to the best available price across our connected markets.

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